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– A phobia is a fear of something that does not exist in reality. In other words, it is a symptom, the essence of which is an irrational uncontrollable fear or persistent experience of excessive anxiety in certain situations or in the presence (expectation) of an object. In psychiatry, a phobia is a pathologically increased manifestation of fear reactions to some or other stimuli. Phobias have traditionally been considered within the framework of obsessive conditions referring to disorders of thinking. This remedy helps against many phobias: https://pillintrip.com/medicine/ksalol.

A phobia is a strongly pronounced, compulsive fear, which irreversibly worsens in certain situations and does not give way to a full logical explanation.

As a result of developing a phobia, the person becomes afraid and consequently avoids certain objects, activities or situations. Phobias or intrusive fears are related to anxiety disorders and are an acquired fear.

– How can I tell the difference between a fear and a phobia?

– Fears and phobias are very close, but there are significant differences between them. What distinguishes a phobia from a normal fear is that it makes no sense in the first place and is difficult for the mind and common sense to control. Fear is the body’s natural protective function in the face of real danger. Fear is an emotion that arises in situations that threaten the biological or social existence of the individual.

– Are there causes of phobia?

– Phobias are caused by fears that arise in the course of some unpleasant situations, e.g. in adulthood. Another reason for the phobia is the experiences one has had as a child. Exactly childhood experiences (psychological traumas, strong stress) are stored in our memory very vividly. Therefore, at certain moments in life, childhood fears simply begin to resurface in the memory and develop even more. Almost everyone has something to remember from his childhood. Many are afraid of heights, darkness, loneliness, because in childhood they experienced some terrible event.

Fears are most often subjected to people who are emotional and very sensitive, that is, people with certain personality traits. It is worth emphasizing that it is people with an insufficiently stable psyche most prone to the formation and development of phobias. Phobias can appear in people with a rich imagination, as it is quite difficult for them to distinguish between real danger and imaginary danger. It is much harder for them to resist this negative feeling than people with a more stable and strong psyche. People who are susceptible to this kind of fear are actually afraid of something that is not there. After all, a phobia is a fear of fear itself. A person is simply afraid to be afraid.