PSEP (website) Privacy Policy
Visitors: PSEP respects and values the privacy of its visitors by not collecting information about personal identity. We record the number of visitors to our site from different regions and types of institutions. We use this information to analyze where our visitors come from and how we can improve access for them to our website.
Users: PSEP allows users to freely access PSEP Materials online. Registration information is for our own internal purposes. We do not share identifiable information with any outside parties. If aggregated statistics are reported to outside parties, they are free of names and other identifying information.

PSEP (website) Advertising Policy
PSEP does not accept advertising from outside parties. Links to other websites should not be construed as advertising. Notices concerning conferences and publications are occasionally posted in the PSEP Discussion Group and are screened for content and appropriateness.

PSEP Conference Cancellation Policy
Approved applicants who are unable to attend a conference may apply a one-time transfer to participate in a future conference. Registration refunds and cancellation requests must be received in writing to PSEP. No refunds will be provided for cancellations postmarked after the Advance Registration date. The paid registration fee minus a $50 handling fee will be refunded after the conference.

PSEP Refund Policy
All sales of PSEP materials are final.

PSEP Attribution Policy
Permission to reproduce PSEP Core Curriculum materials is granted for non-commercial educational purposes only, provided that the following attribution statement and copyright are displayed. Commercial groups hosting not-for-profit programs must avoid use of products, images or logos from the commercial entity with PSEP materials.
PSEP will host the PSEP Core Curriculum materials on the PSEP website at Materials will not be hosted on other sites without prior approval of PSEP. Links to the PSEP website are available by arrangement with the PSEP core team.

PSEP Curriculum Attribution Statement
Permission to reproduce for non-commercial educational purposes is granted with display of the following attribution:
Emanuel LL, Combes JR, Hatlie MJ, Karsh B, Lau DT, Shalowitz J, Shaw T, Walton M, eds. The Patient Safety Education Project (PSEP) Core Curriculum.  © PSEP, 2008.

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